Egencia Global partnership

Since October 2013 – Baltic Travel Group is official and exclusive representative of Egencia who stands for group of all three Baltic States.

Egencia makes business travel better by making it more connected and complete. Combining technology and service, Egencia creates a seamless experience in which companies have access to a user-friendly interface, extensive travel options and 24/7 global support. Egencia puts travelers at the heart of business travel, continuously supporting them with solutions that are more engaging and effective.

Egencia blends classic travel agency services, innovative travel technology, and global travel market expertise to deliver solutions and cost-savings to companies around the world.  From planning the trip and ensuring compliance, to hotel check-in or changes, to making a flight or rebooking on another, we are with our clients every step of the way.

Each year Egencia helps thousands of companies in 65 countries better manage travel programmes. They provide modern solutions and exceptional service to millions of travellers as they plan, take and complete every business trip. They deliver bottom-line savings to our clients and support the needs of the modern business traveller.

Egencia provides also the access to advanced technological base – reporting, analytical and comparative tools. Furthermore it gives also the control over expenses and coordination at the every step of travel.

In 2014, Egencia grew 5x faster with 3x less employees than their largest competitors

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If You have any questions, please contact Head of Department:

Baiba Luse Puzule

Phone: +371 67228429
GSM: +371 26680680